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TRACK OF THE DAY: Forever Cult – ‘Glass Eye’

Forever Cult’s ‘Glass Eye’ is the opening track on the Leeds-based band’s new EP ‘Homewrecker’, released 7th July 2017 via Clue Records.

The band has been releasing incredibly visceral punk/grunge material for a few years now, and it seems that in that time, they have managed to cultivate their intensely frantic sound into its optimum state. The ‘Glass Eye’ single is proof of this achievement

We are ushered into Forever Cult’s angst fuelled sonic landscape via a throbbing, almost subterranean bassline; forming a solid grounding for the layer-cake of fuzz-driven post-punk riffs and howling string bends which follow. As this undulating chaos continues to batter the ears into submission, a cascading distorted vocal line reminiscent of Wavves’ Nathan Williams cuts its way through the mix with an effortless savagery.

The ferocity of the track’s dynamic quality truly encapsulates the raw, primordial energy which seems to ooze from Forever Cult’s very being. A triumphant return.

The new EP ‘Homewrecker’ is available in various formats and bundles, purchase these exclusives from the band’s Music Glue page.

Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

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