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TRACK OF THE DAY: Fling – ‘Just A Dog’

Fling: a short period of enjoyment of wild behaviour. You may think it’s lazy for a reviewer to use a dictionary definition to sum up a band’s ethos, and you’d be right. However, I shall continue regardless, because frankly, its been a while since I’ve written a review, and Fling’s latest track ‘Just A Dog’ has put me in the mood for some mildly controversial, flippant fun, because I’ll be darned if I’m going to let abject laziness stop me conveying how much this track bangs.

If there’s one thing ‘Just A Dog’ proves, it’s that there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a bit of sleaze every now and then. With its boxy drums and whistled hook, the track is about as subtle as a cockney in a golf club, but it works wonderfully; it’s thoroughly charming. The plinky piano notes that permeate the track do a lot in adding a pinch of sentiment to proceedings, and the pure daftness of the dog metaphor, though initially a little jarring, soon fades into the background of what is, at its core, a delightful summer tune.

It’s comparable to a low-fi Kaiser Chiefs track, very accessible, very upbeat, but unlike KC, Fling feel youthful and full of sparky energy. ‘Just A Dog’ is a sway-from-side-to-side, head bobbing, WKD downing pick-me-up of a song, perfectly primed for hijinks at sunset. Honestly, it’s always nice to be reminded that bands are allowed to have fun with their music. There’s no ridiculous posturing or faux depth from Flingand in an indie climate that is already over-populated with crooning miserly bores, it’s damn refreshing.

So have a fling with FlingDo it. Why not. Be impulsive. Kiss a stranger. Buy that inflatable shark from Tiger that you definitely don’t NEED per-se, but also feel that you can’t go another day without. The sun is out, get out there and be top dog.

The new single ‘Just A Dog’ is out now via Dance to the Radio. Stream and purchase on all available platforms here.

Fling will be on tour throughout October, taking in the following cities:

15 Sept | KU Bar, Stockton
05 Oct | Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle
06 Oct | Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
11 Oct | Old Blue Last, London
12 Oct | Record Junkee, Sheffield
13 Oct | Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
15 Oct | The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
17 Oct | The Hug and Pint, Glasgow
19 Oct | The Adelphi, Hull
21 Oct | Underground, Bradford
25 Oct | City Screen Basement, York

Find Fling on Facebook and Twitter.

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