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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sorcha Richardson – ‘4AM’

“4AM. That time right before the sun is about to rise, lying vulnerable and compromised trying to wish myself out of the situation I had spent so long getting myself into, and out of, and into again. It’s four in the morning. I think I should go.” – Exert from the Author’s journal

Once again, Sorcha Richardson delivers a polished piece of electro-tinged indie pop swelling to the brim with emotion and undeniable relatability. While musically, ‘4AM’ takes a slightly darker turn than previous singles ‘Ruin Your Night’ and ‘Lost’, its over arching message is one of personal triumph and independence, and like the vast majority of the young songwriter’s back catalogue, ‘4AM’ swells with an honesty that penetrates the listener in the place where it hits the hardest, the heart. 

Listening to Richardson’s songs is kind of like being a part of your favourite TV show, and waiting for the next episode feels like an eternity. In her songs we meet her friends, and we interact with them as if they were our own.  They have names and faces. They have broken hearts and drink cider, Traverse old petrol stations, hang with Penny the bartender and dance away the dreariness of the day. Her songs are like short stories and her body of work is a novel you can’t seem to put down, because they somehow manage to describe the essence of your experience exactly the way it feels smack bam in the middle of your chest.

‘4AM’ is rife with loneliness, both lyrically and musically. The sweet floating vocal and humble piano seem to be working both with and against their eerie electronic counterparts in an intricately beautiful yet somehow toxic dance, while the lyricism seems to approach a considerably more compact approach than previous singles, allowing for the soundscape to play a large part in the storytelling itself. 

It is a new chapter in the Sorcha Richardson saga, and a rather exquisite addition to an already wonderful body of work.

The new single ‘4AM’ is released now via Swim Out Records. Purchase on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Matthew Zach Kelly

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