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VIDEO PREMIERE: Long Teeth – ‘Nice Guys’

London trio Long Teeth sink in deep cuts of angst and annoyance with latest single, ‘Nice Guys’ – the aptly whimsical, Callum Scott-Dyson (CSD Videography) animated visuals air for the first time below. 

Long Teeth doodle their troubles into a stringed scrapbook, set to the tone of angry acceptance, in the sub-four-minute cornucopia.

The power-pop slackers string up lazy guitar and backseat beats for bleary-eyed verses, to chill out timeless in the wake of sarcastic lyrical vernacular. Frustrated choruses externalise issues of the internal, while outcries of “There’s nothing nice about nice guys,” justify the dissonance of tumbling drums and scratched-up strums.

In ‘Nice Guys’, Long Teeth project a character exhausted from one too many late nights, caught up in the culmination of overthought alchemy and emotions glassed half-empty, but spilling from the brim.

The new single ‘Nice Guys’ is lifted from Long Teeth’s debut EP – out now on Drastic Decline Records.

Long Teeth are celebrating the release of ‘Nice Guys’ with a special free entry launch show at The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington on Wednesday 12th July. All details can be found here.

Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

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