ALBUM PREMIERE: Milo’s Planes – ‘Individual Development Plan’

Over the course of barely half-an-hour Bristolian four-piece Milo’s Planes are here to fuzz-out your headphones and shake yer bones; third album ‘Individual Development Plan’ is dropping tomorrow via Gravy Train Recordings and we’re delighted to offer the first stream of this depraved collection of tracks.

Taking cues from post-hardcore old-timers Fugazi, WIRE and Gang of Four, whilst updating that sound with the spark of contemporaries The Wytches, Playlounge and Pulled Apart By Horses, Milo’s Planes pedal a deeply infectious brand of modern punk that demands to be heard.

Spreading their angst and sonic fury over the course of 12 tracks, it feels almost as if the album is broken into four ‘movements’, clusters of doomy triptychs coming together to weave their noisy tapestry. ‘Nomad I’ and ‘II’ form a brooding and intense build-up to the sugary rush of standout single ‘Fidget in Paralysis’. ‘Looped Horizons’, ‘Oliver’ and ‘Inertia’ show a slacker-rock side to the band, anguished yelps taking on a more lackadaisical feel. ‘Beach Bodies’, ‘Catalysts’ and ‘Splinters’ set a moodier tone, before the closing trio of ‘Stifled Ambition’, ‘Elastic Phrasing’ and ‘Kings’ round things off in a triumphant squeal.

OR perhaps this is an overly poetic way of looking at a chaotic and cathartic collection of tracks, ruminating on the unclear position we as young people need to take in the bleakest of new political worlds – who knows? All that’s for sure is that taking the time to make your own mind up by listening to ‘Individual Development Plan’ below will be time well spent.

The new album ‘Individual Development Plan’ is released on Friday 12th May 2017. Pre-order on Bandcamp now.

Find Milo’s Planes on Facebook and Twitter.

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