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TRACK OF THE DAY: Melis – ‘Love Song Idea’

After years of being part of the successful pop duo IYES, Melis Soyaslanová has returned to give us the treat of a beautifully written and powerfully performed debut solo track, ‘Love Song Idea’.

The song releases a stunningly angelic aura with a stripped back and understated melody, Melis reveals she wrote the song very spontaneously playing only two strings on her guitar. The track tells the story of an atypical love between a couple. The characters live in a world of confusion, irritated and disheartened by their relationship despite still feeling love and affection for one another.

Overall the track gives off many qualities: from beauty, to sincerity, to the passion that can overwhelm us all from time to time, making the tune delightfully relatable and meaningful. 

‘Love Song Idea’ is available to purchase now on iTunes.

Find Melis on Facebook and Twitter.

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