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TRACK OF THE DAY: Dome Hall – ‘Marske Woods’

Dome Hall debut with spacious single ‘Marske Woods’, embracing a clean indie sound and adding to it the warm and rich qualities of the saxophone and keyboard.

The Newcastle-based quintet’s influences include Whitney and Grizzly Bear, both are audible in the mix, yet Dome Hall succeed, in the arduous task of the current indie genre world, of procuring a distinctive tone and an original melodic topline. Dome Hall’s sound could be defined in one word: young.

‘Marske Woods’ is expansive and bright, rolling like mid-summer afternoons driving along the PCH, windows down, the sea breeze tussling at your hair. Opening with an unhurried stashing of guitar and sax riffs, we’re drawn in and carried through the song, making the bold structure flow in an easy and relaxed manner.

“Cities go by, and we both realise we’re not there /… / side by side we both realise we don’t care,” sings an unpretentious and organic vocal that doesn’t strive to take a major role, for there is none. All instruments are one, yet are clearly identifiable and reside in their own space, which makes the track well worthy of a focused listening, but also perfect for your chilled-Sunday-evening Spotify playlists.

Dome Hall’s debut single ‘Marske Woods’ is out now. The band will also be playing Newcastle’s Hit the North Festival on 28th April.

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Banks 

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