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LIVE REVIEW: Glass Caves + Deco + Little Grim at Camden Assembly

Wrought with poppy, ‘in yer face’ vibes, Glass Caves take over the hip and happening Camden Assembly. With an arsenal of talent in support acts, Deco and Little Grim, there’s not a more perfect way to spend a Friday night in the city.

Little Grim open the stage with dark indie pop tones as the Assembly starts to fill. Funky, off kilter synths project from the stage for a salubrious blend of Prince-esque pop mixed with disarmingly brooding abstraction. Little Grim know how to use space well within their sound leaving a lot of room for the imagination, from simple but by no means primitive melodic content to use of textures, these guys have got it all figured out. ‘Hoodie’ is a spiralling, sassy ode to love lost, packed with emotional punches and gargantuan, catchy hooks, it’s not hard to see the talent on display.

Deco take to the stage wearing their pop credentials on their sleeves with sleek, polished production, massive in size and smoothly agile. Deco find themselves somewhere firmly in the middle of indie and pop which is by no means a bad thing. Huge melodies soar with wings spread wide over their dazzling jaunty arrangements, use of electronics blended with live instruments work well together and Deco have clearly spent time perfecting these sounds. One of the most admirable things about this band is the fact that they aren’t afraid to hide their empathy for chart pop music. So many hypocritical indie bands these days shun the “mainstream”, to look authentic or credible but in doing so make themselves look foolish. Not these guys though they know what they’re about and aren’t apprehensive to express it.

Glass Caves rock up with an ‘in your face’ swagger that puts the Gallagher brothers to shame. Storming the stage with an arsenal of amazing pop rock songs and an out and out rock and roll attitude, Glass Caves get everyone in the room going. Again, simplicity is key, there’s no heirs or graces tonight, no pretension here, this band is all about honest, wholesome music.

With love songs for the apocalypse, the Yorkshire four-piece have the audience pining for the end of the world, just because it sounds so damn good. With call and responses and some really sweet harmonies thrown into the mix, it shows that these guys really know how to craft a song. ‘Be Together’ is one of my personal highlights, as it’s not as straight forward as it seems on the surface with intertwining guitar and keyboard parts and a massive chorus that puts Catfish and The Bottlemen out of business.

If there are a few reasons you must see this band live, it’s that they know how to get an audience going and they have a raw energy that you don’t get with a lot of bands these days that hide behind keyboards and drum machines.

Glass Caves have a bunch of UK tour dates booked around the country, taking in the sights of York Fibbers on 18th March, Manchester Gorilla on 8th April and Plug in Sheffield on 20th May. 

Photo Credit: Peter Hugo Photography

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