Idle Crooks and Englishmen are taking blues rock and throwing it into the punk and indie scene, then taking it back out and showing us the result. Their new EP ‘I Feel Like You Should Be More Dangerous’, and its accompanying tour, is lined up to be a huge success – taking in Brighton, London and Manchester (to name a few) on various dates in April (tickets are available here). Andy Brookes caught up with drummer Adam and singer/guitarist Tom to ask them a couple questions.

So where do we found you guys as you’re responding to this?

Tom: This question… Makes no sense…

When/what and where were you inspired to start this band?

T: In year 5 we heard Rockstar by Nickelback and we wanted to be rock stars living in hilltop houses driving 15 cars.

Adam: Think we heard the girls came easy.

T: Yeah and the drugs came cheap.

Did you know each other previously?

T: Nah seriously we’ve know each other for like 14 years and playing music together seemed like a cool idea.

A: We started playing our instruments in primary school at around the same time so we’ve grown up playing together.

You’ve got a really interesting sound that ranges from Tom’s quite present and clear vocals to the raw and, having seen your shows, animalistic drums. What inspired you to be so different in your approach to conventional rock?

A: It’s just sort of who we are, I just like playing loud really.

T: We’ve always wanted to create a new sound, as we enjoy listening to more mellow ambient stuff so we try to portray that in our music.

Any particular influences (be in songs or artists)? Would you say there’s a significant difference in your live sound to your studio sound?

A: We try to pride ourselves in our live performance as it always tends to be messy and energetic.

T: Our live shows are always spontaneous, we never really know what’s gonna happen, I hit someone in the face with my guitar, not knowing they’d been running around on stage for the past few minutes.

Was the EP recorded live or individually tracked?

A: Bass and drums were done together so we could lock in the rhythm but Tom’s stuff was all done separately.

‘Red Paint on Human Faces’ was released 6 months ago now, how do you feel the reception has been and do you think that will change with the ‘I Feel Like You Should Be More Dangerous’ EP?

T: The songs on the EP were written not long after Red Paint so they’ll have a familiar feel, but they have a lot more energy in.

A: The new songs have a lot more depth, as with Red Paint it was our first time in the studio as a band.

T: Although Red Paint had a good reception, people seemed to dig the tribal, being in harmony meaning behind it, so that was cool.

Speaking of the EP – is there a particular person that inspired the title? A moment in your life perhaps?

T: It’s just about being aware of who you are and who you wanna be and actually doing something with your life.

A: As well as knowing who your mates are.

Your April tour is looking to be massive. What inspired you to take the step and go travel England on tour? Are you excited or nervous?

A: We played a show late 2016 with Bedlam (the people taking us) and we got really interested in the idea and it seemed to fit really well with the EP so it was the perfect opportunity to jump on.

T: As well as it being a good opportunity to expand to new audiences I think it will be a good experience for the band itself to travel together.

A: It’s pretty much what every small band wants.

QUICK FIRE – Gimme some answers boys…

Favourite venue to play in or view?

A: It’s gotta be Green Door Store.

Favourite live bands at the moment?

T: Absolutely love seeing Negative Measures.

Any new bands you would recommend?

A: Grymm of course.

#1 thing you are looking forward to on the tour?

T: Uhh… Playing FIFA in the van and playing some music.

Best Brighton pastime?

T: Looking out for Nick Cave.

Idle Crooks’ latest track ‘Red Paint on Human Faces’ is out now, purchase a copy on Bandcamp. The EP ‘I Feel Like You Should Be More Dangerous’ will be released soon, pre-order a copy here.

Photo Credit: Ajit Dutta // RaidSTUDIOS

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