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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yellow Days – ‘Go Home’

Inspired by the seemingly endless stories doing the rounds celebrating and pontificating on the ten year anniversary since the first airing of Skins, the ‘coming-of-age’ TV series for the MySpace Generation – I dipped back in to give it a re-watch. Yes, the acting is pretty naff, and the supposedly intimidatingly cool kids look hella outdated in their nu-rave TopMan get up. But alongside the depressing realisation that you’ve started relating more to the parents and teachers, the nostalgia for an emotional, confusing and freer time is palpable. And it’s just this feeling that Yellow Days manages to invoke on his new track ‘Go Home’.

The solo project of 17 year old George van den Broek from Haslemere, Yellow Days combines a truly unique voice over laid back trip-hop inflected production, crafting out his own niche style. On ‘Go Home’, shimmering guitars strum lazy chords as crunchy drums filter in and out; the entire instrumental backdrop is the aural equivalent of a hazy, smoke filled room – with van den Broek sat in a tatty armchair in the centre, caught in the middle of youthful self-reflection.

“It’s not so much about a specific story or anything. Maybe just about obsessive love,'” goes the given quote from Yellow Days, yet another allusion to the vagueness inherent within the track’s themes. Almost filmic in its sleepy slow-motion vibe, had this been released in 2007 it would certainly have made it’s way onto Skin‘s vaunted soundtrack – which isn’t to say ‘Go Home’ sounds in any way passé, rather its testament to its timeless style. Do yourself a favour, and get lost in its sultry tones below.

‘Go Home’ is out now via Good Years. Find on iTunes here.

Yellow Days can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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