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TRACK OF THE DAY: Temples of Youth – ‘Divide’

“Awake a nation fallen, England we cannot sleep” – these lines alone have the power to stir something deep within the listener, drawing not only on personal unrest, but a time of political uncertainty. Music offers an assurance – in the new single ‘Divide’ from Temples of Youth – the electronic duo from Winchester show that drive can arise out of the depths of despair.

‘Divide’ was after all written out of frustration during the fallout of The Referendum, a time of social tension and political questioning. Yet rather than opting for post-apocalyptic minimalism (which many artists seem to be opting for at the moment), their new single shows ambition; blending electronica with hard-hitting percussion and effects.

The track opens by plunging us immediately into the electronica – as if to say: we cannot escape this situation, so let’s face up to it. “Come see what we have done”, the lyrics linger, taking us further. It’s a confident composition which has gained their sound comparisons to artists such as Daughter and London Grammar. Topped with tom-tom like percussion, the listening experience becomes all-the-more close and intimate – preparing us for a progression of guitar chords coming into the chorus along with the invitation: “Come with me across the divide.”

The sound created by just two people is impressive; and of course, that shimmering guitar from Paul Gunma is really a stand-out feature of this track. The lyrics are personal, possessing and given great depth by Jo Carson – a strong female vocalist who lingers over the vowels as if determined to give each sound maximum exposure. Because hearing the message of this song is important; it’s about driving forward despite setbacks which seems particularly appropriate as we come to the end of a turbulent 2016. 

‘Divide’ has been self-released by Temples of Youth, and is available to purchase and stream now on all services.

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Emily Oldfield
Lover of music, poetry and Manchester.

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