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TRACK OF THE DAY: Toothless – ‘Sisyphus’

Toothless (a.k.a Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash) is back with the expansive new single ‘Sisyphus’. Nash is set to release his highly anticipated debut album, ’The Pace of the Passing’. Nearly three years after the release of Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, the aforementioned bassist is ready to go it alone, with the album scheduled for release on January 27th.

The ever compelling track opens with a hypnotic bell sequence which features throughout. Playful, innocent vocals appear with an abrupt, jangly guitar that mirrors the vocal melody. Already the smell of awe and bewilderment is in the air. A macho, fuzzy bass and a tanked up drum beat join the mix, to complete a wholesome blend of delicacy and euphoria. A series of gargantuan builds and breaks up the ante and a childlike nostalgia washes over the track. Despite being quite a concise track, the subtle use of different textures is really what makes it interesting. From overlapping backing vocals to shrewd changes in the dynamics, ‘Sisyphus’ has a lot more to offer than is perceived on first glance.

Burrowing its way into every nook and cranny of the mind, the repetitive nature of this song in many ways echoes the Greek myth about Sisyphus’ and his punishment, bar the frustration. Using all of his strengths and quirks, Nash has shown he’s more than just a bass player, he’s a songwriting behemoth.

‘Sisyphus’ is taken from the debut album, ‘The Pace of the Passing’, released through Island Records on 27th January 2017. Toothless will be headlining The Pickle Factory on Monday 28th November and performing the whole album in full.

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