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TRACK OF THE DAY: Matthew And Me – ‘Silver’

Matthew And Me are back with their third release this year, in the form of new single ‘Silver’Weightless and calm, ‘Silver’ sails smoothly along with serene guitar melodies and delicate vocals, before kicking into a powerful chorus, posing the question: “So what do we think of all this?”

Effortless yet full of energy, there is wonderful musical chemistry between the duo. The guitar and drums combine intricately to create an ethereal sound which is atmospheric, composed and unique.

Recorded between their home studio and Deep Litter, ‘Silver’ was produced by Ben Howard and Eliza Shaddad collaborator Chris Bond, and is part of their EP ‘Startpoint’. 

‘Silver’ is lifted from Matthew and Me’s newly released ‘Startpoint EP’, released on Beatnik Creative. Purchase on Bandcamp here.

Find Matthew and Me on Facebook and Twitter.

George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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