EXCLUSIVE // Indoor Pets’ Dream Ice Creams

Don’t we all from time to time imagine a perfect version of our favourite food or a dream destination to escape to? Well, we’re in the business of making dreams come true. Naturally, we’ll get as close as we can to making an idea, reality. So when Kent band Indoor Pets felt inspired to ramp up the ante with an ice cream-themed single – the sugary-sweet, guitar-fuzzed ‘Teriyaki’. We had to at least entertain the idea that maybe they needed a place where they could  release their joy for that fluffy frozen creaminess.

So we asked and they accepted, below is each member’s own depiction of their favourite ice cream (except James who is allergic).



“A single cone, with bubblegum sauce and Brian Wilson instead of a flake.”



“I am a straight up vanilla kid at heart but my extra sweet tooth will always say yes to as much sauce as possible.”



“A breakfast taco because I am allergic to ice cream and the cone.

Contains: Bacon, Egg, Avocado, Beans”



“The world’s biggest cone with vanilla and all the caramel. I’d eat 3 scoops and be sick because…”

The band has announced a huge headline show at London’s Lexington to kick off 2017. Tickets are available now from Songkick here.

Indoor Pets’ ‘Teriyaki’ is out now. Buy on vinyl here, or digitally here.

Find Indoor Pets on Facebook and Twitter.

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