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After six long month’s passing by without a peep from FAIRCHILD, we can finally bring you the latest piece of infectious perfection from the Gold Coast dance-rockers. ‘Relevance’ spreads intensity through moody precision, a concise but adamantly anthemic track that’s intended for those indie disco’s.

FAIRCHILD trying to grasp for greater definition, aim to find some kind of ‘relevance’ in our lifespan (“When we’re not getting younger / Your relevance fades away”) but when the music is this good, all those fears fade away. The focus shifts to the building rhythm, quickening tempo and that fiercely focused vocal. This is FAIRCHILD rising to full form, bridging those 80’s influences with a contemporary lust, and infusing a full 180 degree spin and twist. The hit factory is in play and FAIRCHILD are the stars.

FAIRCHILD’s new single ‘Relevance’ will be released on 12th November.

Catch FAIRCHILD at the following live dates:

Nov 19th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Nov 23rd – Conwy, Wales (supporting The Human League)
Nov 25th – Hoxton Square B&K, London
Nov 26th – Kazoopa Festival, Leeds
Dec 6th – Glasgow, Scotland (supporting The Human League)

Find FAIRCHILD on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte Holroyd
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