Emotional Sensations: Francis Lung’s Career in Music

In this feature, we delve into the career of Tom McClung (aka Francis Lung) exploring the moments in music that have resonated with him the most – the one’s that shine brightest and the one’s tug at the heartstrings, all according to McClung. A patchwork in memory of past recollections and new perspectives.

Each moment is paired to a corresponding song from McClung’s present (Francis Lung) or his past (Wu Lyf / Los Porcos).

1. Heavy Pop – Wu Lyf

Watching back the Letterman performance on a hotel TV just a few hours after we’d recorded it was pretty surreal. Just seeing proof that the performance wasn’t totally awful was the biggest relief. Not sure about my haircut, though.

2. Do You Wanna Live? – Los Porcos

Paris, NYE, 2013. We played this song as Los Porcos on a boat on the river Seine just as the clock struck midnight and it was almost too much fun. I’m not sure who I kissed, but it more than likely was someone else in the band.

3. Something Blue – Francis Lung

Holding my first EP “Faeher’s Son Vol I” was pretty cool. Something Blue was the first song I heard from that record, and I remember feeling like I’d finally achieved something I once thought was impossible.

4. Where Life Comes To Live – Francis Lung

Driving around the Hollywood Hills for the first time with my band mates, I thought to myself ‘This is where life comes to live’. That line eventually became a song, but initially it summed up how I felt about LA – overwhelmed, bewildered and in love.

5. Summa’s Bliss – Wu Lyf

Playing Fuji Rock festival in Japan, 2011…the politest gathering of 5000 people ever.

6. Something Black – Francis Lung

Meeting Ian Mackaye at Coachella in 2012, inviting him our show in DC and him actually showing up and telling us stories from the Fugazi touring days. Best quote from the day: Me – ‘Can I put Ian Mackaye on the guestlist pls?’ Promoter – ‘Ian Mackaye can go wherever the fuck he wants, guestlist or not.’

Francis Lung’s new EP ‘Mother’s Son Vol II’ is out now. Purchase the limited edition 12″ vinyl here.

For updates on Francis Lung, head to his Website.

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