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TRACK OF THE DAY: Nilufer Yanya – ‘Small Crimes’

Unfurling guitar riffs, a raw and beautiful voice, surrounded by an evolving soundscape that ebbs and flows, the song is ‘Small Crimes’ the debut from Londoner Nilüfer Yanya.

The quirky electric guitar line moves sporadically and playfully around Nilüfer Yanya’s vocals. Her voice is distinctive and somehow feels both fragile and bold. Reminiscent of sounds by Eliza Shaddad and Daughter, Yanya creates an intense atmosphere and the music is full of emotion.

As the song unfolds I cannot help becoming more and more immersed in the drama of it. Yanya’s lyrics are hard hitting ‘you don’t get to be a human when you’re a hooligan’. The tension builds with a driving pace which is unleashed in the choruses. The music rings like an alarm, echoing the themes of crime. Yanya takes on the voice of an ‘adrenaline junkie’, this role reversal proves both haunting and encapsulating. Overall the song is atmospheric and electric, with the music rising and falling tenuously, keeping us on our toes as we await the next move.

‘Small Crimes’ is available now on Blue Flowers.

Find Nilufer Yanya on Facebook and Twitter.

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