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TRACK OF THE DAY: Miss Pompeii – ‘Haru Haiku’

The debut single from Miss Pompeii ‘Haru Haiku’ consists of chill and sparse synth backing with the striking vocals of Claire Whiting layered over the top, making for a wonderful electronic pop track which is lush in composition.

Echoing elements of Enya and even of modern electronica bands such as Joy Atlas, ‘Haru Haiku’ is a dreamy, deep and resonant folk-tinged ballad which ebbs and flows with magnificent melody. The track builds delicately – a soundscape which starts sparse but builds layers of Portishead-influenced echoes and brooding bass providing the cutting edge for the bleeding sarcasm of Claire’s floating vocals.

‘Haru Haiku’ was born out of a shift out of a spiral; Claire says, “I’ve been writing songs on guitar since I was 15, but ‘Haru Haiku’ marks the first time I’ve written a track on a different instrument.

“I was at a point where I felt like I was writing the same song over and over again – appellation to the same scene, appeasing the same me, in a mediocre relationship. I ended up realising that I was very much in the same state of mind I was when I was eighteen…sort of directionless. ‘Haru Haiku’s lyrics came from that realisation; the base of the song came a bit later from a Micro Korg and a bit too much wine!”

‘Haru Haiku’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here.

George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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