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TRACK OF THE DAY: Zuzu – ‘Get Off’

Phwoar! This is a seriously spunky slackery effort from Liverpool indie-queen Zuzu. On hearing ‘Get Off’ for the first time I made a mental note, and a physical note actually come to think of it (in my Poundland refill pad), to add this to my commuting playlist as soon as it became available on my streaming service of choice (the Swedish One, not the Fruit One or the Jay Z One).

Both music and vocals are dripping in attitude, and having had the track blasting in my headphones for the past few days whilst cosying up to fellow sweaty rat-racers on the bus/tube, Zuzu’s righteous yet understated anger makes total sense. This feeling, Zuzu highlights herself: “‘Get Off’ is about not taking any shit from people trying to control you. I guess the song came out of frustration of not being heard…”

Whilst there are a few touchstones for comparison, it’s no surprise that Zuzu has already supported Courtney Barnett for example, and the jangly-grungy guitar tones are reminiscent of fellow Merseysiders Hooton Tennis Club, yet Zuzu’s sound is resolutely her own, and she OWNS it.

My personal highlight of the track is the moment where Zuzu finally relents and profanes, the strained Beth Constantino-esque yelp following the “when you run your fucking mouth!” completing the emotional climax release of the piece. 

Zuzu’s debut single ‘Get Off’ is available now on Hand In Hive. Grab your copy on iTunes here.

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