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TRACK OF THE DAY: Seeing Hands – ‘I Knew You’

Newcastle quartet Seeing Hands have spent the past six months or so building a name for themselves in their home town, playing shows alongside local heroes A Festival, A Parade, The Great Curve and even making an appearance at Evolution Emerging 2016, and their name has sharply become one of excitable rumour. With Seeing Hands on everyone’s lips, the excitement around this band is impossible to ignore, this makes for a huge amount of anticipation on their debut single, and ‘I Knew You’ is far from a disappointment.

Taking the form of glimmering dream-pop, inspired by the likes of Real Estate and The War On Drugs, there is a certain undeniable sweetness to this track which it is impossible to pin on any individual factor. ‘I Knew You’ is chock-full of lovely, wonderful, reverby goodness, where gentle guitar melodies delicately echo the dreamy vocal lines and gorgeous synths swirl tenderly underneath. Everything comes together beautifully to create a gorgeous, dreamy soundscape full of glistening melody, flare and energy.

Not only is the debut single from the four-piece, a delicate, warm and shimmering piece of dream pop, but it is also one hell of an earworm. You’ll be humming this track for days. Lose yourself in this one.

Seeing Hands play Tynemouth Surfball 2016, alongside Them Things, on 26th August. Tickets are available here.

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George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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