ALBUM REVIEW: Delamere – ‘Delamere’

There’s a lot riding on Delamere right now. Their debut album isn’t just the band’s first, it’s also the flagship release from Scruff Of The Neck Records – it’s the first record the label have ever put out. Clearly, there’s a lot of anticipation in both parties.

However, if there’s anything resembling anxiety behind the closed doors of the band’s headquarters, it certainly doesn’t show. Delamere deliver a confident, slick and surprisingly infectious debut, packed with stadium filling choruses and accessible lyrics.

From the off, the album is neither a doubtful nor a scatterbrained affair. Delamere come across as a band with a distinct perception of themselves: an upbeat, danceable indie band with more than a hint of pop prowess.

There’s no mucking about, no clumsy introductions and no establishing shots in the screenplay of this album, we’re merely dropped straight into the action. Bursting into form are the floaty, sparkling guitars of Bright Young Things, from there on in, it’s very much hold on tight or get left behind. 

Though the breakneck pace doesn’t necessarily hurt the album, it does sometimes leave moments of potential untouched. On the softer cuts especially, you might feel there could be more on offer, a more unusual synth patch or greater emotional depth.

The lyrics, whilst functional, can occasionally be bland, and there isn’t a massive amount of sonic variety, although the performances in all cases remain solid as the hull of a tank throughout.

It’s the performances that really carry this album, as every band member is on point throughout. The vocals are clear and personal, the guitars are always clean and precise and the drums flitter and flirt with electronic elements constantly, giving every track a dynamic rhythmic edge.

There’s a lot to love on this album. Its delivery and execution are unwaveringly confident; the grit of So Long’s opening riff is a particularly vibrant example. What’s more, it also benefits from having really strong singles like Kill It and Black And White Space to bolster its credibility.

It may not appeal to everyone, but Delamere’s debut is an undeniably likeable, upbeat album, with strong performances from all involved, and a tantalising promise of things to come.

The debut self-titled album ‘Delamere’ is released 19th August, via Scruff of the Neck Records. Grab a copy here. Delamere will be heading out on tour in support of the release, this August through September.

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