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TRACK OF THE DAY: RALPH – ‘Something More’

Toronto’s fiercest pop star RALPH is back, this time tackling an issue close to her heart. One that she explains was inspired by Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series Master of None‘Something More’ tries to find substance in today’s social media obsessed world.

Millennials are facing the culmination of 24/7 living – no breaks, no time for sleep. If we go one way, are we missing out on something else? Something better? She questions. This is the battle of the times we live in. RALPH turns these big questions of existential proportions into dancefloor gold. As soon as the beat drops, we’re consumed by a breezy almost carefree pop sheen underpinned with honeyed vocals, which makes the medicine taste so sweet.

RALPH seamlessly dazzles true emotion with simple but effective 80’s nodding disco-pop production. Now where’s the music video?

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Charlotte Holroyd
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