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TRACK OF THE DAY: Tourists – ‘Quiet Room’

What is it about the English Riviera that inspires such sweet, synthesized, harmonic music? The salty air? The seaside holiday nostalgia? Whatever it is, just like Metronomy, Tourists have caught the bug and are spreading it relentlessly.

If you’ve nailed the basics, you can either stop and impress or take it to the next level and blow everyone away. Their single ‘Quiet Room’ is like the show off dancer at the party – outshining everything else with its unexpected moves and undeniable charisma, but too good to possibly despise. A burning guitar solo at the end polarises the floating synthesizers, yet still fits perfectly into place – chalk and cheese has never tasted better. It sounds full; it sounds complete. Props to James Bragg for compacting every aspect of ‘Quiet Room’ into a tight fitting suit, and still allowing them to breathe so fluidly.

Flips and turns complete – onlookers suitably flabbergasted – and Tourists still don’t stop but how could a track with a Stephen Fry sample be anything less than spectacular?

‘Quiet Room’ is out now. Buy on iTunes here.

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