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TRACK OF THE DAY: BANFF x Caitlin Park – ‘My Love, My Lover’

‘My Love, My Lover’ brings about a collaboration that will spark an endless love affair, like the classics have done before them, from Dolly and Kenny‘s ‘Islands in the Stream’ all the way to Sandy and Danny‘s ‘You’re the One That I Want’, these two Aussie musicians match perfectly like the milk to the other’s honey.

BANFF leads the tale about mixed-up emotions with his wholesome tones drifting atop subtle indie-pop instrumentation. Which soon mix into a delicious whirl of gentle wooing sparkle with Park’s heavenly and equally as sumptuous sensitivity. 

It is a lilting affair but one that carries great fortitude, as BANFF says of the song, “When I was initially writing the track, I kept hearing this dialogue between a girl/boy, talking through their struggles and how they were trying to get onto the same page. Insert Caitlin and we began discussing ways we could bring the story of a deluded couple in love to life.”

‘My Love, My Lover’ is released Friday 20th May, via 0E0E.

For more on BANFF, head to his Website and for more on Caitlin Park, head to her Facebook.

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