Vinyl Perspective: CRC Music on Record Store Day 2016

Held every third Saturday in April is Record Store Day (taking place on Saturday 16th April this year). Physical formats are very important to us, and with RSD approaching, we wanted to properly celebrate the all mighty vinyl record. So in the lead up, we decided to catch up with a few of our favourite record labels to discuss their cherished memories with the medium, and the RSD release that catches their eye the most. Today’s label in focus is CRC Music.

Written by Charlie Larby, Managing Director of CRC Music.

“CRC Music began life as label for developing artists but also as an alternative to the way we felt artists should be treated and music companies could be run, if only done a little differently. And thats how CRC evolved….into an artist management company, record label and publishing company working in true partnership with our artists, in order to create the most balanced and transparent environment possible to allow our artists and musicians to do what they do best…create music.

My introduction to the world of vinyl was at a time when Sub-Pop was on the rise and anything that came out of Seattle was seen as pretty mind blowing. So it followed that one of the first LPs that I bought, when I was at school was Nirvana’s debut, Bleach. However, it wasn’t until university that I really started to get completely immersed in my music and its history that eventually led me to setting up my own record label, CRC Music. As a rite of passage these formative years were spent in record exchanges and 2nd hand vinyl stores seeking out old Charlie Parker records or the most battered copy of Led Zeppelin II or Santana’s Abraxas, I could find.

But of all the records I bought the ones that stand out the most would probably be first few I got my hands on. I was certainly proudest of my ltd edition blue 10” of Sonic Youth’s Sugar Kane, however the record I played till the grooves wore down was My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless simply because they were the first band I ever saw live…

Well aside from our own Roo Panes ‘Little Giant’ vinyl release, I’d have to say the one record that I’m looking forward to the most for this years RSD is Ibrahim Ferrer’s – Buena Vista Social Club Presents, with the Flaming Lips ‘Lighting Strikes the Postman (with comic!) a close second.”

For more on CRC Music, head to their website here.

For more on Record Store Day, visit their website here.

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