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TRACK OF THE DAY: Cavalry – ‘Everything’

An all-consuming state of emotional confession is twined with a hard to reach, but later found solace, on the Merseyside collective’s emotive new cut ‘Everything’. Cavalry have become known for their melancholic introspection and patient, visceral storytelling over the course of their life span as a band, their latest tells a tale even more potent than they’ve told before, one of wanting surrender and remarkable sensitivity.

Cavalry remind us of the power that memories hold, and maintain a stoicism in capturing their essence as the painful events of the past come flooding back into view, “Oh everything’s come back at me, what happens now?” the singer admits in earnest. 

The scattered words act as a reminder, that the past is just as intrinsically a part of who we are as where we find our present self, but more significantly that we should not let the past define us. While the hurt of loss and rejection stings, a clear perspective is granted to us over time, resoundingly pin-pointed by the lyrics: “Your happiness means everything, that you have it now.” It is the emotions that are left unspoken that will place this song deep into the arcs of your subconscious, to be felt and re-visited in those times of need. 

‘Everything’ is available now on Fierce Panda Records. Buy it on iTunes here.

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