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TRACK OF THE DAY: Jesse Mac Cormack – ‘After The Glow’

Mac Cormack’s current single ‘After The Glow’ grabs instantly, a wash of noise melts whatever was on your mind away and leaves only a soulful, full-bodied warmth for the next four minutes. After a short intro that feels electronic and new, the guitar sound penetrates the wall of synth, suddenly harking right back to a more rural and wild time.

The use of acoustic instruments is really what sets this track apart from others of its ilk; abrasive cellos follow the melody line through the verses, to give way to sweeping strings through the refrain. The stand out sound is Mac Cormack’s voice, perfectly suited to this sweet mix of electronic and acoustic. ‘After The Glow’ is wise beyond Mac Cormack’s years, full of tension and atmosphere without being depressive. The Canadian songwriter bridges gaps in genre that most musicians wouldn’t notice were there, and is wholly successful in creating something beautiful and full of emotion.

‘After The Glow’ is available now via Secret City Records. Buy on iTunes here.

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