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TRACK OF THE DAY: Long Tall Jefferson – ‘Old Friend’

Long Tall Jefferson is a wandering soul. Moving from city to city, he imparts to others the stories of his own lived experiences and observations. One of those defining narratives being new single, ‘Old Friend’, which is taken from the debut album ‘I Want My Honey Back’, out 8th April.

The hum of gentle but steady finger-picked guitar forms a poignant melody, to which Jefferson’s heartfelt sorrow can cling to, as he talks of a reconciliation with an old friend. Matching the intimacy of the recording, the accompanying visuals hold a rare endearing quality to their formation, adhering to the strictly personal and up close nature of his bittersweet longing.

Although the piece remains relatively simple and understated throughout, there’s never a loss of focus or a waver of lost attention. Filmed in one continuous shot, there is little room for error, resembling in some part to the song’s production, in that he chose to record the song on an old 4-track cassette recorder. But it is the little nuances and inconsistencies that make this record so compelling and irrefutably human.

Pre-order Long Tall Jefferson’s debut album ‘I Want My Honey Back’ here.

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