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Lostboycrow continues to inspire us with his eternally wide-eyed postivity and graceful electro-R&B, alt-pop. He recently released his stunning debut EP ‘Sigh For Me’ – a collection of emotionally-driven and personal stories about the power of infatuation.

We caught up with Lostboycrow to talk about his origins as an artist, his debut release and the future.

Can you tell us more about the origins of Lostboycrow and why you started to make music under this guise?

“The year was 1812, we open up on a small village…Just kidding. Lostboycrow all began when I moved to LA and started to make music that reflected the destination that I’d always been searching for literally and sonically. The name I’ve carried with me since childhood and is complementary of everything I’ve grown to love about storytelling and dreaming.”

What drew you to express your thoughts and feelings through music?

“We’re all just made up of tiny vibrations. When you put certain chords, and lyrics atop of those vibrations it completely captivates and dictates your imagination. Music is magic and as someone who has never really “grown up”, I wanted to be a part of the magic.”

What and who inspires you?

“Who: Alex Turner, The great indigenous peoples of this continent, Frank Ocean, and Neil Young.

What: Stories. In order to write a song, I have to be wanting to tell a story. It could be my own or it could be someone else’s.”

You recently released your debut EP ‘Sigh For Me’ – a collection of songs that really get to the heart of who you are as an artist, they also carry a distinctly romantic feel to them. Are the songs on the EP sequenced to act as a journey almost?

“Yeah, absolutely! By definition, Sigh For Me was exploring the different aspects of one experience with multiple emotions.” 

What was the production process like working with the various producers and guest collaborators on the EP?

“It was fun. Anytime you bring other people in to your creative process, it has to be fun and it has to be vulnerable. It was really cool to create lifelong friendships out of this EP, as we all got to know each other on such an open and creative level. Also, Power Berries, were a vital snack and part of the process.”

Did you learn anything from making this EP?

“Definitely. Songwriting is often so much about the questions asked and never about having an answer at the end. That being said, I think if you’re not learning something while you’re writing a song, you’re not doing it right.”

When it comes to taking the songs to a live setting, how does that work? What is it like to experience a Lostboycrow live show?

“So much of the music I make is electronic and heavy-hitting, so live I just want people to really experience that to the fullest. At which point it just becomes a fun process for me to give people exactly what is on the record and experiment with the music. I want to create moments on the guitar and moments with other collaborators.”

You’ve built up a strong and dedicated fanbase through mainly social media and blogs. It seems that your fans hold a very deep connection with your music, what does it feel like to know that your work is being received in this way?

“It’s strong enough where most days that it’s the only light that keeps me going in this very dismal industry. Whatever scale, large or small, that is the greatest gift anyone could give me. To have a voice with a platform. It inspires me to sing the songs of voices that have not had that luxury, or the reception that I have.”

What are your plans for this year, musically?

“Working on the next collection of songs. Collaborating with friends, and taking it one day at a time.”

Lostboycrow’s debut EP ‘Sigh For Me’ is out now. Buy it here on iTunes.

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