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TRACK OF THE DAY: EAT – ‘Byker Drone’

EAT are quite mysterious. All I can find on them on their social media, is that they’re British, and that ‘Byker Drone’ is their debut release. If J Mascis discovered caffeine, he’d write ‘Byker Drone’. It’s a wonderful piece of music, and very promising.

The song is a tasty fuzz-induced indie fest. Starting out with a nod to ‘White Light/White Heat’ period Velvet Underground, the song develops with some catchy vocal melodies and guitar parts. Synths and backing vocals carry on constructing until we’re left with a huge wall of sound. Despite it seemingly being compressed within an inch of it’s life, this build still sounds amazing. The vocal melodies are what make this tune so great though. Strong melodies carry a lot of weight with this kind of music, as their absence can cause it to become so mundane and stale after the first listen. EAT manage to maintain interest however, and keep you wanting more.

In a way, it’s more fun to have a group we know little about. I can’t wait to hear more from EAT and see what they’re about.

‘Byker Drone’ is out now, buy it on iTunes here.

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Harry Hayes
Harry is from the historic city of Canterbury, tucked away in South-East England. He is involved in a number of musical projects including Dreamweaver, Gneng and Bearded Sphynx, and also produces and records artists.

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