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Many Things About…FMLYBND

California’s FMLYBND are anything but dull. Their buzzy electronic pop is as vibrant and infectious as a vocal hook from an M83 song. It’s more than just bubbly synth rock though, that FMLYBND represent – it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle and most importantly, it’s freedom. They create a space for undiluted escapism – with a rave-all-night modus operandi and a powerful live show, FMLYBND are ready to take on the world.

The band have recently unleashed a new EP ‘Hearts on Fire’, crammed packed with explosive choruses and huge vocal hooks, it’s a must listen. To celebrate the release, we asked the band to share with us some interesting and random facts about themselves and they accepted the challenge…

1. 2 of us are married. But you have to guess which ones haha
2. Erik is the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet.
3. Like way bigger than anyone. Straight up was crying when han solo died. Real pain. Real tears. He’s no poser. 
4. One time at practice, me and Brae head banged into each other. it was a disaster. Very real pain. Real tears. jk no tears were not wusses jeez.
5. Interviewers either love us or hate us. We are wild and rambunctious and have a hard time staying on topic. 
6. Watermelons.
7. We’ve been through a lot of hard times as a band, but probably had more fun than any band at the same time. 
8. We like to think we’re really funny. We’re probably not though. 
9. Except Ethan. He’s universally funny. Except for his italian chef joke. Nobody laughs ever. Which is why its the funniest thing ever to us. It gets better every time. 
10. One time I (Mac) tried to sneakily take a picture of Lizzie McGuire or Hilary Duff or whoever she is at a birthday party in Beverly Hills, but I left the flash on. Needless to say, her squad immediately came over and grabbed the phone from my hands and deleted it and proceeded to get yelled at by them. It was a very stressful yet very very hilarious situation. Lizzie McGuire was NOT happy. But then I took a selfie with Harry Styles and felt way cooler. 
11. Ethan was a childhood prodigy drummer and then stopped playing for like 10 years before joining FMLYBND. So he claims to still not be as good as he was when he was 10…
12. Brae gets asked if she’s a model all the time, and she’s all ya duh get outta my face I have photoshoot to get to. But then actually doesn’t cuz she’s not but she could be. 
13. I get asked if I eat tacos all the time. 
14. Same with Ethan. 
15. Just kidding. Those last two are just making fun of how fat we are. Erik has the body of a Greek god. From Alaska. The end. 

FMLYBND’s ‘Hearts on Fire’ EP is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

FMLYBND Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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