WATCH: Scott Quinn – ‘There For You’

With the way that technology and music making work hand-in-hand today, it’s so easy for an artist or producer to start creating and releasing their own compositions. Particularly in a way that showcases their artistry, with the same degree of skill and competency that could only be achieved before in a full fledged studio. The revolution spawned the term ‘bedroom producers’ to become common language, one of the leaders of the new breed of artists was Låpsley.

Today’s artist, songwriter and producer in question is Scott Quinn, who’s origins are not too dissimilar from the Merseyside producer. His debut EP changed things for him, achieving Quinn his first BBC Radio 1 plays. Now releasing his follow-up ‘There For You’, a slow-building alt-pop dream that works itself into epic heights.

The atmospheric visuals which accompany the track, build dramatic slo-mo shots into something of deep resonance, echoing the lyric sentiments of the song. Which talks about the rekindling of an old relationship, even though the couple are doomed to part, something keeps bring them back together. All in all, it makes for a moving and sincere declaration of endearment.

‘There For You’ is available now, purchase it here on iTunes.

Scott Quinn Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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