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Many Things About…HABITATS

HABITATS are a band with personality. Their light-hearted approach and musical spontaneity is refreshing, which makes their live performances all the more compelling. The band are releasing their second EP next month, entitled ‘Jungles’ out 12th February. It’s a collection of songs that boldly express HABITATS progression as a band.

So in the lead upto the release, we asked the band to pull together some of their most interesting and random facts, and here’s what they sent us…

1. Joe’s biggest fear are flip flops.
2. Drummer boy used to be a champion bowler from the tender age of 10.
3. James flushes the toilet with his feet…every time.
4. When traveling to New York to record our latest E.P. Mike nearly didn’t get through airport security. He had to undertake a gruelling series of questions to make sure he wasn’t coming into the country to make money…Think ‘The Midnight Express’.
5. One of our managers used to be a champion swimmer (he still shaves his legs).
6. Our other manager Andy’s nickname is Ghandi…. we think he likes poached eggs on toast and reading books on Stalingrad before he goes to bed.
7. Before each big show, the band all get together and re-enact Matthew McConaughey’s Wolf of Wall Street chest thump.
8. Joe has a man crush on Matthew McConaughey.
9. When we travel to play festivals, James always drives the van because he is a touring machine, built for pleasure, built for speed.
10. First song we wrote together as the sweet foursome you know as HABITATS was – Jungles.
11. Adam has seen Mcfly three times more than any other band he likes. Mike has also seen them but not by choice.
12. Mike doesn’t like rollercoasters.
13. Mike doesn’t like being on anything that’s higher than four feet from the ground.
14. When recording our first E.P. in London (Shoreditch) Mike and Joe had a thing for suicide tequila shots – Snort the salt, down the shot, squeeze lime in the eye. *WARNING* May cause nasal bleeding, bloodshot eyes.
15. Although slowly learning, between us we have hardly any idea about music theory, just plug in and play baby!
16. We played a festival in Germany. Backstage we were chilling with loads of bands from all over Europe, I think we were one of the only British bands and there was a fridge that was always full of sweet German alcoholic delights which is always great. Later on, Joe decides to stand up and shout “THE QUEEN’S a SL*G” repeatedly to all of our fellow Europeans,  he doesn’t really mean that about her royal highness, he just got a little boozy. 

HABITATS latest release ‘Boogie Waltzer’ is out now, buy it here. Catch the bands next headline show at Hoxton’s Bar & Kitchen on 3rd March. Tickets are available here.

HABITATS Links: Facebook . Twitter

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