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TRACK OF THE DAY: Beach Tiger – ‘Just Woke Up’

Charleston four-piece Beach Tiger bring us a woozy cut of irresistible psych pop in ‘Just Woke Up’. Buoyant, lingering melodies meet chiming guitars, a bouncy drum beat and atmospheric keys in blissful union, ‘Just Woke Up’ is a vivid and honest admission of insecurity and self-doubt.

Lets face it, sometimes our inhibitions and fears do get the best of us, but we just have to pull ourselves out of those mindsets and push restart. And that’s what ‘Just Woke Up’ intends to do – to let go of the insecurities and move on. I think we can all learn something from small truths like these.

‘Just Woke Up’ is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

Beach Tiger Links: WebsiteFacebook . Twitter

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