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TRACK OF THE DAY: Dan San – ‘America’

Life can get hard sometimes. There are days when we all just want to get away from the pressures that build up. We search for an escape route, some place that will make us feel comforted, to free our minds or to just simply relax. Music is my way of escapism. Music is a shared form of expression, we all can relate to each other through our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings at different points in our lives.

Dan San’s latest release ‘America’ is one of those songs that doesn’t just lock in a moment of time, but it continues to grow and develop with each new listen. The song has a transportive quality, taking it’s listener away from their troubles and worries for at least three and half absorbing minutes. It’s like hitting a refresh button on your life.

You can stream the track below, or alternatively watch the accompanying visuals for the track here and go on a picture-esque ride through the countryside.

A full length album from Dan San is expected in 2016.

‘America’ is out now, buy it here.

Dan San Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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