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This 21-year-old London based singer is making a mark for herself with her stylish, disparate beats. It’s electronica that’s propelled by a soul-baring honesty and a breadth of emotion.

On her second release ‘Kintsugi’, ROCH explores the relationship between isolation and intimacy, and how life is a series of complex feelings. Speaking about the track, ROCH reveals “the song is mainly about feeling estranged from where you are or who you are, and that sense you have when finding yourself in unfamiliar situations and having to make conscious decisions to arrive at that certain point without knowing how you got there…”

‘Kintsugi’ nestles itself in between the winding vocal lines of Daughter, and the dark electronic production of The XX. It’s a bold track that deserves your attention.

ROCH plays The Old Blue Last on 1st December. More info can be found here.

ROCH Links: Twitter

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