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Bristol-based folk singer Maybug, serenades his audience with his deeply resonant and extremely personalised stories of the world around him. The musical aura which he creates, emanates a peaceful, warming tranquillity around his words. Striking and intricate acoustic melodies float around and under a smoky vocal caress.

With the recent release of his debut EP ‘Pollen Odyssey’, we just had to grab a few minutes with this incredible artist.

Jordan Lawrence: Who are your major influences? How have these artists shaped you as a musician/songwriter?

Maybug: Well I have many many influences musically. It would be an endless list! At the moment (and off the top of my head): John Lennon, George Harrison, D’angelo, Marvin Gaye, Feist, R.E.M, Sparklehorse… 

Recently though I have been greatly influenced by others, such as comedians Stewart Lee & Andy Kaufman. Or the talks of Alan Watts, for the ideas and perspectives I gain from them. I would recommend listening to Alan Watts.

What are your five favourite albums in no particular order?

Sparklehorse – Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain 

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

John Frusciante – Curtains

Outkast – Love Below

John Lennon – Imagine

What should fans expect from your debut EP ‘Pollen Odyssey’?

3 reflective and sincere songs that speak to the subconscious mind.

How did you record the EP?

With my Irish friend Enda Gallen, in his flat in Putney. He is a very good producer, both technically and musically, and we work very well together.

What is your new single ‘Winter Sun’ about? Under what circumstances was it written?

Winter Sun is about a time when I did not know what I was going to do with my life. I had quit Uni and moved back home and I was in poor mental health. I spent a few months of that Winter not really doing anything but walking and thinking. It was very sunny during this time, so I started developing a few words as if I was talking to the Winter Sun, explaining myself and thanking it for its company. This turned into a poem and then I put that to a few chords I was playing about with. 

“December Sun, Thanks for giving me the mildest month to be so cold in, Are you the same Sun I swore upon that I wouldn’t be this way again? It’s been time, a real long time, where do I begin?”

Do you tend to write songs in retrospect or are you more inclined to draw inspiration from what you’re feeling in the present?

Good question. It can be both really. It is completely organic and subconscious. 

Is there an intrinsic link between the place an artist bases him/herself and the art they create? Is Bristol where you want to continue living and making music?

My music is more linked with my mood, thoughts and feelings. Where I live affects that of course, so it is an indirect link, you could say! But I have floated between home (West Sussex) (Bognor Regis! & Chichester to be precise), Brighton, London and Bristol for a while, and I didn’t feel the actual physical places themselves affected my music. More the people and experiences.

I will continue to live in Bristol for the time being, at the moment I am lucky with work here and where I live is cheap. Also I don’t know a huge amount of people, so I don’t have too many distractions so I write a lot and save my money. We’ll see.

What are your plans for future?

I am practising with a drummer about once a week in London until the end of the year and then we will be going to Ireland in January to do some recording. Hopefully we will be coming back with some finished songs and then look to put them out! 

Next year I intend to practise, record and release as much music as possible! 

Maybug’s debut EP ‘Pollen Odyssey’ is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

Maybug Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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