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VIDEO PREMIERE: Burkini Beach – ‘Luxembourg’

Rudi Maier (aka. Burkini Beach) has travelled far, not just in physical terms but in the chronology of his artistic development. He’s already achieved previous musical success with his band, The Dope – an indie-punk 2 piece – it has held him in good stead to go out on his own, and carve his own path with Burkini Beach. Yet, he takes a significantly different musical approach, but Burkini Beach is still justifiably, raw and is underpinned by a vicious honesty. His debut single ‘Luxembourg’ establishes this.

Maier is openly vulnerable on ‘Luxembourg’ – expressing with unflattering and embarrassing honesty the pain of a broken heart. The song rests on gentle building acoustica, which soon grows into a beautiful hazy daydream, this magnificent textural backdrop allows the residing visuals to serenely wash over you. The video mixes nostalgic home movies with recording booth footage and painted sepia-toned pastel hues, that long for a time and a place that have become lodged in memory.

‘Luxembourg’ is out now, buy it on iTunes here or alternatively, grab the limited edition split release EP on cassette here.

Burkini Beach Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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