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TRACK OF THE DAY: Liu Bei – ‘Mind Over Matter’

It’s been months since we heard anything new from London’s Liu Bei. The band have finally broken their silence and have unleashed the first taste of their new material, coming in the form of lush new single ‘Mind Over Matter’.

Style with substance is what Liu Bei have become known for, they carefully craft atmospheric, widescreen musical epilogues. Liu Bei’s gloriously enrapturing pop has the allure and depth that every songwriter strives for, without it becoming weighed down in theatrics or ego. On ‘Mind Over Matter’ they have chosen to refine their previous approach to songcraft, but they’ve still managed to keep the hallowed effect that their music holds over a listener intact.

The track relies heavier on electronics, and exercising restraint than previously before, opting for spacial warmth and lyrical prowess over the sonic luxuries of their older material. ‘Mind Over Matter’ presents a band who are not afraid to experiment, and challenge themselves and ultimately, one that has a very promising future ahead. 

‘Mind Over Matter’ is available now on iTunes.

Liu Bei Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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