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TRACK OF THE DAY: Micky Blue – ‘Dark & Stormy’

New York based songstress Micky Blue has just unveiled the huge new single ‘Dark & Stormy’ from her forthcoming ‘Wild Things’ EP. An epic piano-led pop ballad, fuelled by the sobering truths of a drunken night.

On ‘Dark & Stormy’, Micky Blue takes the best of Lana Del Rey‘s lush moodiness and mixes it with a show-stopping chorus and dramatic verses to create a haunting ballad, that’s of Rihanna-worthy standards. Along with her own powerful voice and emotive songwriting, Blue creates something that is the definition of pure pop bliss, but with all the depth and grit that will leave you craving for more. Now this is how you make a statement.

‘Wild Things’ EP is released on 25th September.

Micky Blue Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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