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Confinement and structure dictate most of our lives, so we look to other methods of expression to free ourselves from these mundanities. Broken Hands have found the answer and have set out to take us higher with their visionary sound. A fascination with flight and travel brought forth new inspiration for the band, which soon formed a space rock-enthused sound that skyrockets all into a place of boundless imagination. The band are headed out on a UK tour in Oct/Nov, in support of their debut album ‘Turbulence’, due out 9th October via So Recordings.

We caught up with the band’s vocalist, Dale Norton to discuss everything Broken Hands. We delve deeper into their forthcoming debut album ‘Turbulence’ and talk about their incredible live show.

Your live shows have become quite the talking point. Entering a Broken Hands show is like stepping into a silver space capsule. When did you decide on the visual aesthetic for the live shows? 

Idea came when we’d moved into the house all together and came up with the concept and the songs that have shaped the album. We knew that an idea this bold meant we have to have a show equally as bold! The silver and lights are just to get you in our mind-frame, it’s like us putting your seat belt on for you at the start of a flight!!!

Do you see the production of your live show progressing further on your next headline tour?

We’ve got a few ambitious ideas… maybe more focused around lights and illusions.

Let’s talk about ‘Turbulence’, your debut album. How was it having Tom Dalgety on the producing duties?

We’ve actually known Tom for a long time way before this material and his recent successes with Royal Blood and others. He came out to SXSW with us last year and just hung out, we spoke about the concept mostly that week so everyone had about 6 months to think how we’d go about it. Funnily enough that’s what we spoke about during the flight there and back! Very talented dude and also found our wavelength naturally!

You recorded the album at Rockfield Studios in Wales, how was that experience? The studio is based on a working farm, isn’t it? – did the open air and open space help you to get into the mindset you needed?

Rockfield was one of a few studios we worked in. Brilliant place, great people! Some monster albums have been made there. We actually half the sessions out like Hawkwind did back in the day, hopefully those vibes have sunk into the sound.

What were the studios sessions like?

Fast, we went in very prepared! 

Thinking about the time it’s taken for the band to get to this point, when you first started out did you ever expect the end product to be what you’ve produced now?

Honestly no, I don’t think we did. We always wanted to use the band as a way of travel, to see more stuff. So maybe the fact the record is about travel was a subconscious goal. It took us a while to figure ourselves out!

Before you hit the studio, you had a few demo’s knocking about. How many of those early demos didn’t make the album?

I’d say we did in total 17 or 18 demos! There’s 11 tracks on the album.

What was the most challenging part of making the record?

Getting a record deal :)! 

The record itself was a breeze to make.

A lot of the tracks on the album have already been showcased live, have you noticed a clear favourite starting to emerge from the reactions that the songs have been getting?

It’s still early days for the album stuff. I think we will definitely know by the end of the tour in November.

The physical copies of the album come with a bonus disc, can you tell us anything more about this…

We are sorting it out at the moment. It’s been harder do this track listing than the album one. But it will be some original versions, some demos, some cuts that didn’t make the main record and maybe some other rarities if we can find them.

Can you tell us more about the art direction of the album, each track has its own imagery…

We and Stuart Ford, the graphic designer, really looked up to Spiritualised ‘ladies and gentlemen…..’ Deluxe pack for guidance. The reason each track has an image is because ourselves and the label weren’t sure which songs would be singles so we did a symbol for all of them, they looked cool together so we’ve kept them as part of the album sleeve.

What’s the journey we will take throughout ‘Turbulence’?

This is our statement and we are the service not the destination – Aircraft, i

And finally, of all the songs on ‘Turbulence’ which lyric resonates with you the most at this time?

Spectrum. You’ll have to either wait for the album or dig back through the internet to hear the lyrics though now! 

‘Turbulence’ can be pre-ordered here from the bands website. The band will also be touring the UK in Oct / Nov.

Broken Hands Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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