EP REVIEW: Morning Harvey – ‘love&loveand.’

Brisbane’s psychedelic lovechilds of retro rock, Morning Harvey have put together a dreamy and thrilling twenty-something minute ride on new EP ‘love&loveand.’ Morning Harvey are a band to relish, ignited by a love for the blushing rock sounds of The Verve and The Stone Roses but grounded in ’60s and ’70s psychedelia, they provide magical wonderment for the ears. 

Opening track ‘Pinch Me Velvet’ soars and swaggers with graceful melody, akin to the ravishing sonic glow of Temples. Singer Spencer White is irresistible, wielding a voice of blissful serenity and power. Everything about this band feels empowering, from their skilful playing to their enamouring sense of self. I think it’s safe to say, we’ve found our new musical obsession. 

Moving through the EP we are met with high moments like on ‘Smith Street Swap Meet’ with reverberated vocals and spiralling guitars that squirm their way into your subconscious.

‘T.I.D.E’ aches with romantic appeal, the lush coo of White’s vocals melt into reams of percussive gloss, layers of harmony and echoing riffs, this is the most sensitive moment on the EP. ‘Girl Euphoria’ blasts with youthful energy, pining for that special someone to ‘come back’ to them, and closing on an all-mighty euphoric climax. The final memento that Morning Harvey leave us with is ‘Quince’, a mellow acoustic number that transforms into a glorious lament to a loved one. 

love&loveand.’ is an accomplished effort from a band that appreciate what has come before them and are insistent on learning from that.

The EP can be purchased here on iTunes.

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