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Many things about…Many Things

First thing to remember, Many Things will not rest until they have you on your feet and dancing the night away. Whilst you are two-stepping through step-one, making sure to not loose your balance, the bands powerful, if not instinctive, lyrical prowess kicks in.

Themes of self-empowerment, self-actualisation and the profundities of heartache all come together in an intricate, if not, somewhat messy bow but when you’re dealing with human emotion, when is it ever simple? But it’s Many Things unmistakable honesty and passion for a pop melody that speaks volumes, and is no better actualised than with current single ‘Holy Fire’.

We decided to take the opportunity to get to know Many Things that little bit better and ask them for 15 random facts about themselves. And this is what we got back….

1  Michael is not from America.

2. Gabi is related to princess Leia.

3. Macks is an AFC Bournemouth fan.

4. Gabi once tried to inject insulin in to her dog and accidentally injected herself.

5. Many Things are now a three piece.

6. The band formed when Macks met Michael on the street on his way to the lawyers when he was suing the press for defamation.

8. Everyone in the band is multi instrumental.

7. Macks has his own recording studio in Islington were the band calls home.

9. The bands favourite food is kebab.

10. Whiskey and Tequila are the bands drink of choice. 

11. Gabi is in love with Neil Diamond.

12. Macks is still in love with sporty spice.

13. Michael is a preacher of the 7 minute work out.

14. Macks was the face of Selfridges latest denim campaign.

15. Ex band mate Fred left the band for his own project Hunck which we support and truly love. We now also love being able to sleep on tour instead taking it in turns to hold his nostrils.

‘Holy Fire’ is out now, via Dew Process. Buy on iTunes here.
Many Things Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter
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