FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Live at Leeds 2015

International and homegrown bands will collide at this year’s Live at Leeds festival. A music event in a metropolitan oasis that proves you don’t always need to grab your wellies and a tent to enjoy the festival season.

Live at Leeds takes place on the May bank holiday weekend, 1st-4th May 2015. It’s now our job to give you the rundown of who to go and see throughout the weekend and trust me, this year it’s an incredibly difficult task to do.

VITAMIN Leeds Uni Union Stylus // Gigwise Stage – 4.45pm

Leeds may be this bands hometown but even though they hail from the city’s streets, they are more than worth your time. Fluorescent sonic colour radiates from every vocal line, every bass groove, every soaring guitar riff. VITAMIN are one of our tips for 2015 and we couldn’t urge you more to check out their live show. Sparks are sure to fly.

THE ORIELLES Leeds Beckett “The Stage 2” – 2pm

Summer weather may be making its way out from under the clouds, but who needs warmer climes when you’ve got the beachy sounds of The Orielles? Sure to set the temperature at a mean 30 degrees, this young band are definitely worth checking out.

THE MISPERS The Wardrobe – 5pm

Lost souls will always find a home with The Mispers (the police term for a missing person) and their music is nonetheless uniting. At the core of their gloriously vibrant sonic flavour is a furious beating heart and a voice that will continue to stun after numerous listens. Go see them, you’ll be grateful that you did.

TENTERHOOK The Wardrobe – 3pm

Tranquil soundscapes that blossom with flourishing melodies emanate beneath Archie Faulks mesmerising voice, he tells stories of life’s greatest moments and romantic tales of love. This is one artist you don’t want to miss. Catch him in these small rooms before he heads to bigger stages.


Manchester’s musical underbelly is almost cracking under the anticipation for Man Made. A very exciting band to come out of the city, they make indie rock seem almost weightless. Melodic, infectious and insatiably intense. We love Man Made.

IYES A Nation of Shopkeepers – 5pm

Brighton duo IYES are probably the most interesting (and promising) synth pop duo you’ll find. Their music glistens with venomous fervour, IYES are simply irresistible. 

INDOOR PETS The Key Club – 3pm

Kent’s Indoor Pets are a fun, guiltless pleasure. Bringing the sunny pop-punk of Weezer to the city’s venues, it’ll be a blast. See you there, yeah?

BULLY Leeds Beckett “The Stage 2” – 8.15pm

Bully are relentless. There’s power in playing as fast and as loud as you can. The band give it their all, the crowd give it their all, everyone’s happy. Bully’s set is set to be a visceral onslaught of female-fronted rock that propels you out of yourself and into a beer-sodden rave.

PALACE The Wardrobe – 7pm

London based Palace are for sure the most talked about band right now. Melancholic introspection is surrounded by gently melodic rhythms, brooding compositions and a vocal that sears and soars in all the right places. A must see.

FLO MORRISSEY Leeds College of Music – 6.30pm

Stunning. That’s one of many superlatives that we can attest to Flo Morrissey. Her boundless talent could waver even the strongest of hearts to be overcome with emotion, at just the touch of her voice. It’s going to be special.

For more information on Live at Leeds head HERE and for tickets head HERE. Tickets are priced at £27.50 for a Saturday wristband.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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