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TRACK OF THE DAY: Billie Marten – ‘Heavy Weather’

It can be difficult for artists to cut through  what often seems like an invisible barrier, some triumph and some loiter at the edge. In the case of Billie Marten, its vehemently impossible to disavow the immediate connection you feel towards her. I can only describe it as a gravitating pull. It’s like the first time you heard Adele or Laura Marling, but it’s more than just being drawn in by a beautiful voice. They are the voices of a generation, they set the imagination flowing. They inspire, they cultivate, they dream, they awaken us to another world and all through the bars of a song. It’s almost like they wield a form of magic even.

Marten’s songs are gorgeous stories of the world around her. Rich with memory, awash with blazen colour and bathed in feeling. Her words are instinctive. Her voice is enchanting. Her musical landscapes are breathtaking. And her newest emotional revelry ‘Heavy Weather’ is by no means feeble.

Humble in it’s construction, Marten marries an intricate, soulful guitar melody with her luminous voice. Radiating into a ballad of calming solace and a tale of love emanating from a common adoration for British climes “the rain is ours and we are lovers of heavy weather”.

‘Heavy Weather’ will be released on May 25th. Pre-order from iTunes here.

Billie Marten Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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