EP REVIEW: Reuben Koops – ‘Slate EP’

Australian singer/songwriter, Reuben Koops is a pleasant surprise on the ears, after a long day he will sure pep you up with his charismatic delivery and heartfelt wisdom. His music is imbued with passionate refrains and moments of deep emotional introspection, gently wrapped in delightfully sweet and romantically melodic folk-pop.

Koops has crafted an EP that is both upbeat and instantly engaging, mixing the infectious euphoria of The Lumineers with the defeating sincerity of James Bay. Opening track ‘If I Go Back’ blushes with a driving guitar rhythm only strengthened by radiant melodies of Americana. It’s a song about finding inner freedom within yourself and in that, finding the strength to pick yourself up again and move forward with your life after hard times, as Koops sings: “Just like a mirror, you remind me of who I am / My eyes seem clearer, then they ever really have”.

Lead single ‘Two Pieces’ speaks of love gone wrong and the heartbreak that it leaves behind, leaving the lovers in turmoil and emotionally torn. Blossoming from humble acoustic roots of just guitar and voice, the track soon flourishes into a rich, heart-warming coo of piano-led folk anthemia. For a free download of the track head here. ‘On Your Side’ is a soulful bluesy track that provides a positive message. Koops holds out his hand in support: “When it feels like you have no where left to hide / Just remember that, I am on your side”.

Closing track ‘Time’ re-visits the lyrical themes that encompassed opening track ‘If I Go Back’ searching for that unattainable freedom, more decisively ‘Time’ acknowledges that life is short and needs to be lived, to be fully experienced: “Before you know, it’s too late / Make sure you appreciate, everyday as it’s your last day”.

Koops delivers a confident, mature EP of romantically euphoric folk, passionately delivered with gentle lyrical candour and served in a country-tinged pop ribbon.

Slate EP is out now to purchase on iTunes.

Track Listing: 1- If I Go Back, 2- Two Pieces, 3- On Your Side, 4- Time

Reuben Koops Links: Facebook . Twitter

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