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TRACK OF THE DAY: Slow Turismo – ‘Corners’

Adding to the biggest influx of Aussie bands to reach our shores since Crowded House dared touch a Talking Heads cover at their last London gig, Slow Turismo offer new single, ‘Corners’ and prove themselves to be very worthy exports. Following up from their beautifully sunny video, ‘Thunderstorms’, the Melbourne based family band offer yet more summer goodness as I tuck into Manchester’s first fair-weather day.

Soaring falsettos make way for an anthem of a chorus, under pinned by reverb-laden guitars and harmonies in the horns that introduce some more electronic elements as we move through the track. This, coupled with a rhythm section that marries the clipped rhythm guitar of mid-career Daft Punk and a floor-tom heavy, Running Up That Hill-esque groove make for a release that would spark the interest of many a taste maker.

A year into their voyage, we can expect exciting things from Slow Turismo. We live in hope of a UK Tour.

Slow Turismo Links: Facebook // Twitter

Dan Wiebe
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