EP REVIEW: Delamere – ‘Bright Young Things’

“Moving slowly and walking backwards” singer James Fitchford gleams on ‘Regress’. Although, this may be the struggle that many young bands face, Delamere are not one of them. Their début EP proves this. Ensuring us that they are moving anywhere but backwards as they leap to higher heights.

On Delamere’s previous releases, the emphasis tended to stray more towards the atmospheric. But after a year of constant gigging and a refined musical direction, we meet a confidence and a proficiency that outreaches even further than we have seen before from the Stoke foursome.

While the band have always shown a maturity and real skill in creating their compositions, this EP is their greatest achievement to date. The euphoria and mastery that they control over melody and lyrics on ‘Bright Young Things’ is enough to send your head dizzy with excitement. We find that the band are moving away from the slow builds of their earlier work and edging more towards the infectious anthemia that they gave us with their last single, ‘Headstrong’. 

Immediately taking hold, the throbbing rhythm and bright sonics of lead single ‘Bright Young Things’ sets the bar high with what’s to come from the EP. A rush of visceral emotion and soaring indie. Moving easily into second track ‘Regress’, a sleek and powerful breeze of indie introspection. It was love at first listen for us.

On closing track ‘All of This’ the band strike a perfect balance between the dissonant atmospherics of its soundscape and the emotional outpouring of its lyrics, creating an ambience that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘I Forget Where We Were’.

‘All of This’ features a stirring wash of brooding electronics, only interspersed by the growing intensity of subtle guitar inflections and distant fading voices. It’s beautiful melancholy that bathes in its torment but reaches out for that one bit of hope.  

‘Bright Young Things’ will be released in March 2015, via Scruff of the Neck Records. A launch party at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe will co-inside with the release, on March 21st.

Stream the full EP below.

Delamere Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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