INTRODUCING: Sienna Chorus

Brutally honest lyricism, stirring melodies and an emotive lead vocal that is as charming as it is endearingly vulnerable. Sienna Chorus seemingly sprung up as a fully formed entity in late 2014. The four-piece invite us hand-on-heart into their world with their début track ‘Sideways’.

Sometimes things in life are just out of our control, so as we come to terms with the inevitabilities that life holds over us and reach a certain level of acceptance with that realisation. We come to the conclusion that we can make a difference with our lives, if we choose to and this is where we meet the premise of Sienna Chorus’ beautifully heart-warming video short for their track, ‘Sideways’. We follow a man in turmoil, a man who is isolated from the world, as he slowly finds his way. He soon finds some sort of purpose and inner peace with himself and the world through kindness. 

Sienna Chorus will be joining October Drift at their sold out gig in Bristol on 19th Feb. It will be their first live performance as a band, since they formed last September.

Sienna Chorus Links: Facebook . Twitter

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