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HYPE OF THE DAY: Natalie McCool – ‘Pins’

Natalie McCool is a name that we’ve been familiar with for a while now, she’s been raking up much-deserved praise since she started making music. Now, her new track ‘Pins’ is possibly the breakout moment she’s been waiting for.

With an ambitious mindset and a love for experimentation, McCool combines the pop nous of Oh Land and the artier side of Kimbra. It’s alt-pop with a fierce lyrical bite, that is as much it’s own entity as it is inspired by its contemporaries.

McCool is best when she experiments with her sound and ‘Pins’ is a shining example of this. Her pin sharp voice bares no comparison, it is the power behind her sails, searing and cooing with a haunting conviction. Trust me, just one listen to ‘Pins’ and you’ll be hitting the repeat button over and over again.

‘Pins’ is the first track to be revealed from her new EP which Natalie recorded and produced with David Berger last December. 


Natalie McCool Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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